Better marketing, Better business

There is too much complication in business already. My role is to simplify that.

If marketing doesn’t make money, then there is no point doing it.

I’ll be writing about marketing and business, and how things work without non-sense, jargon or a sales pitch. I don’t have an angle to sell, but I do have an axe to grind.

I have ten years’ experience in advertising and marketing, working agency-side, client-side and self-employed. I’ve run my own business (twice) so I have skin in the game.

I believe fully in professionalism which is why I studied with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. This requires real-life, work-based assignments – not classroom lectures. Additionally, I have certificates in Brand Management and Pricing from Ie Business School.

I’ve been a Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager and Marketing Consultant and worked across sectors.

Better marketing starts with the business problem. That’s where I start too. Then you can choose the right tactics to suit goals. Planning and action, together. Because there is no point doing the wrong things well.

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Diagnosis, Strategy, Planning, Tactics. Better marketing, better business.

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Better marketing, better business.


Samuel Brealey

Better marketing, means better business.